What are the highest paid Construction jobs in the UK?

The construction jobs have a great demand in the UK, while the industry has been growing significantly in recent times. Take a look at the highest paying construction jobs in the UK for 2020, through this article and have a brief idea of each job role.

Top ten construction jobs with highest packages in the UK for 2020

1. Commercial Manager

Average Salary: £57,500 (TotalJobs)

Financial management of project(s) is the key role of a Commercial Manager. Their responsibilities include maximising financial opportunity, minimising financial risk, accurate project reporting and agreeing final accounts. They also manage subordinates while ensuring all stakeholders understand and adhere to contractual obligations.

2. M&E Project Manager

Average Salary: £55,000

The M&E Project Manager (PM) covers many roles after the Commercial Manager. He/she is responsible for the building services element of a construction project. The M&E PM attends project meetings and produces appropriate reports. They play a vital role in building relationships with clients/contractors and manage the on-site review along with building services installation.

3. Construction Manager

Average Salary: £67,500 (Totaljobs)

The major role of Construction Managers is to oversee the construction elements of a project. He/she ensures the scheme is completed on time, inside the budget and within Health & Safety guidelines. They look after the management of directly employed staff and subcontractors. Construction Managers roles are one among the best paid construction jobs in the industry.

4. Project Manager

Average Salary: £58,701 (TotalJobs)

Project Managers have similar roles to that of Construction Managers. PM’s oversee the construction elements of a project. They ensure the scheme is completed on time, to budget and within Health & Safety guidelines. They are responsible for the management of directly employed staff and subcontractors.     

5. Quantity Surveyor

Average Salary: £57,500 (TotalJobs)

Quantity Surveyors are responsible for the management of a project, financial planning, control, and to ensure the effective administration of the commercial and financial aspects of the contract. 

They help maximise cash flow through the timely preparation of valuations, submission of invoices and receipt of payment. Additionally, they manage the prompt preparation and settlement of final accounts, including variations, disputes, and claims.

6. Site Manager

Average Salary: £52,500 (TotalJobs)

Their main focus li9es in the production progress on sites with full responsibility and control of site staff and subcontractors. Their roles in the construction jobs ensure the scheme is delivered to a high standard with minimum defects while promoting high levels of health and safety guidelines.

7. Estimator

Average Salary: £47,500 (TotalJobs)
The technical term itself speaks about this role. He/she is responsible for the preparation of project tenders in order to secure workload at a profitable level. They are helpful in advertising tender workload and keep management aware of key client projects.

8. Technical Coordinator

Average Salary: £47,000

He/she is responsible for coordinating all technical information on projects from inception to completion. They provide architectural and engineering support for projects. They also issue drawings and information for construction purposes. Checking and approving architect's and engineer's drawings is another area where they work.

9. Site Engineer

Average Salary: £35,333

This is a common job role in all the industries across construction. However the number of site engineers present at each site varies depending on the size of the project. Site Engineers work with project personnel to develop the detailed design, delivery of the allocated scheme.


They play a key role in supervision of subcontractors and ensuring works are delivered in line with their works instruction. They monitor various aspects on site including structures, safety barriers, drainage, and fencing.

10. General Foreman

Average Salary: £35,000

They are responsible for assisting with the production elements of projects and the management of work plans and risk assessments.  They may be working as directly employed labour or under sub-contractors and help ensure projects are completed with minimum defects. These roles are mostly applicable in the form of contract jobs compared to the other roles.

Impact of COVID-19 on construction industry

The unfortunate blow of the coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19) this year has led to uncertainty in the construction industry, extending too many job losses in the UK and across the world. With the strict measures of recovery from the UK government, it’s expected to get back to normal soon.