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Gigaclear Abingdon, Oxfordshire
Apr 19, 2021
Full time
Company Overview Gigaclear is a high growth company delivering fibre-optic broadband to underserved rural communities in England. Started in 2010, the company is expanding rapidly across England. With head offices based in Abingdon, Oxfordshire and a significant proportion of staff based in the field Gigaclear currently has over 450 employees and is pursuing ambitious growth plans...... click apply for full job details
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The job hunt is just not limited to younger pals in any field including Construction Jobs , but there are many older people looking out for jobs. The reasons for job change might be several, but the ultimate goal is succeeding a proper one. Starting from entry-level candidates, people looking to make a career change after five or 10 years in a specific industry have been really growing. The individual’s intent is not job-hopping but career-building, entrepreneurs, and the going-back-to-school group. Here are few tips for older people reaching out to the future opportunities in the career path. Your value status There may be age that matters at work. However it isn’t applicable for the construction industry and of course potential liability is that’s considered, as an asset. You as a senior in the industry would likely be highly valued in most companies, in any construction role. Embrace your diversity Don’t think of age, instead feel it as your stronghold in diversity. Also, diversity of thought is critical to the survival of many of today’s companies. Construction Job Board  gives an opportunity to find the relevant job openings in the construction industry, irrespective of age. Stay relevant You might be tired of performing similar duties, for the past two decades. Yet, it’s more important to stay in sync with similar openings and crack one, as your expertise is in that particular field. This is a perfectly suitable factor for any kind of job searcher, including the ones in construction. Draw attention to your accomplishments Employers are most interested in the results you've delivered, instead of the age you bear, especially the work performed in the last 10 to 15 years. The goal when crafting your resume should be to create a compelling, results-driven, and what you're capable of today. Learn how to showcase yourself With age comes wisdom, maturity, perspective, and experience in both work and life. Focus on your strengths in the job search and market yourself around these important qualities. Don’t get carried away with negative perceptions, especially when it comes to capability skills. Explore your network You find a lot of people at work or in life, which may help you find a better opportunity. Stay connected with the social network and keep forwarding your resume to the helpful connections. You may also take a step-forward by asking your connections to share your profile with their friends and colleagues.
The construction jobs have a great demand in the UK, while the industry has been growing significantly in recent times. Take a look at the highest paying construction jobs in the UK for 2020, through this article and have a brief idea of each job role. Top ten construction jobs with highest packages in the UK for 2020 1. Commercial Manager Average Salary: £57,500 (TotalJobs) Financial management of project(s) is the key role of a Commercial Manager. Their responsibilities include maximising financial opportunity, minimising financial risk, accurate project reporting and agreeing final accounts. They also manage subordinates while ensuring all stakeholders understand and adhere to contractual obligations. 2. M&E Project Manager Average Salary:  £55,000 The M&E Project Manager (PM) covers many roles after the Commercial Manager. He/she is responsible for the building services element of a construction project. The M&E PM attends project meetings and produces appropriate reports. They play a vital role in building relationships with clients/contractors and manage the on-site review along with building services installation. 3. Construction Manager Average Salary:  £67,500 (Totaljobs) The major role of Construction Managers is to oversee the construction elements of a project. He/she ensures the scheme is completed on time, inside the budget and within Health & Safety guidelines. They look after the management of directly employed staff and subcontractors. Construction Managers roles are one among the best paid construction jobs in the industry. 4. Project Manager Average Salary: £58,701 (TotalJobs) Project Managers have similar roles to that of Construction Managers. PM’s oversee the construction elements of a project. They ensure the scheme is completed on time, to budget and within Health & Safety guidelines. They are responsible for the management of directly employed staff and subcontractors.      5. Quantity Surveyor Average Salary: £57,500 (TotalJobs) Quantity Surveyors are responsible for the management of a project, financial planning, control, and to ensure the effective administration of the commercial and financial aspects of the contract.  They help maximise cash flow through the timely preparation of valuations, submission of invoices and receipt of payment. Additionally, they manage the prompt preparation and settlement of final accounts, including variations, disputes, and claims. 6. Site Manager Average Salary: £52,500 (TotalJobs) Their main focus li9es in the production progress on sites with full responsibility and control of site staff and subcontractors. Their roles in the construction jobs ensure the scheme is delivered to a high standard with minimum defects while promoting high levels of health and safety guidelines. 7. Estimator Average Salary: £47,500 (TotalJobs) The technical term itself speaks about this role. He/she is responsible for the preparation of project tenders in order to secure workload at a profitable level. They are helpful in advertising tender workload and keep management aware of key client projects. 8. Technical Coordinator Average Salary: £47,000 He/she is responsible for coordinating all technical information on projects from inception to completion. They provide architectural and engineering support for projects. They also issue drawings and information for construction purposes. Checking and approving architect's and engineer's drawings is another area where they work. 9. Site Engineer Average Salary: £35,333 This is a common job role in all the industries across construction. However the number of site engineers present at each site varies depending on the size of the project. Site Engineers work with project personnel to develop the detailed design, delivery of the allocated scheme.   They play a key role in supervision of subcontractors and ensuring works are delivered in line with their works instruction. They monitor various aspects on site including structures, safety barriers, drainage, and fencing. 10. General Foreman Average Salary: £35,000 They are responsible for assisting with the production elements of projects and the management of work plans and risk assessments.  They may be working as directly employed labour or under sub-contractors and help ensure projects are completed with minimum defects. These roles are mostly applicable in the form of contract jobs compared to the other roles. Impact of COVID-19 on construction industry The unfortunate blow of the coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19) this year has led to uncertainty in the construction industry, extending too many job losses in the UK and across the world. With the strict measures of recovery from the UK government, it’s expected to get back to normal soon.
Construction management is the well-established discipline within the construction industry preferably chosen after completion of a relevant degree from university. But the most interesting aspect lies in choosing the best university to finish a degree in the construction stream and finding a suitable opportunity. While Construction Management provides a way with growing salaries and an expanding amount of vacancies, it’s the best choice to study at the reputed universities too. In the UK, prospects of choosing construction related careers purely relate with the construction management courses or degrees. The courses for Construction management at a university level are broad and specific. However, a graduate who holds a degree in construction related course can choose to further specialise with a postgraduate degree. Here in this article, we shall investigate the 6 best Universities that provide construction related courses while there are many others that provide the courses: University College London (UCL) UCL paves a great way to construction field and educates its students with the timely tools to manage the dynamic nature of the industry. Students are said to develop analytical and managerial skills are create the readiness ready for the workforce. Courses include Project Management for Construction BSc . Later you can take up an MSc degree in Construction Economics and Management MSc, and it depends on your choice to go further with any added specialization. Aston University Practical construction related topics are the major covered at the Aston. You can choose research and technology courses in construction at the university. Paid work placements are common practice as part of a course programme. BSc degree in Construction Project Management is widely chosen. This leads in working with industries such as building and project management, contracting, quantity surveying, and in the service sector jobs related to local government. University of Portsmouth For practicing the technical skills in the construction field, an MSc in Project Management in construction from University of Portsmouth is best suitable. The techniques and tools used in the industry would be well known along with Building Information Modeling (BIM) processes. Nottingham Trent University Students find it easy to crack jobs in the construction industry after acquiring a degree from NTU.  Focusing on skills is strictly practiced and major criteria for the future employees at the work environment. Both bachelor’s or master’s courses are available in construction and project management at NTU. Apart from this University, interested students can choose courses in construction from Imperial College, Wrexham Glyndwr, and the University of Bath. Loughborough University You find many specializations related to construction courses at Loughborough. Their MSc in Construction Management is the well established course in the UK and known to be the second oldest in the world. Heriot-Watt Established in 1821 and located in Edinburgh, Heriot-Watt stands to be the world’s first mechanic’s institute. The Guardian has listed Heriot-Watt as second in the UK for courses in building and town and country planning. The university has a wide variety of courses for students to choose. These courses include Construction Management and Innovation , Sustainable Urban Management and Urban Design and Planning. Other criteria. Students may, of course, find that other criteria are important when choosing a university. The geographical location may be decisive for some of the students, or some students may prefer either a campus-based university or a city university that is integrated into the wider community. Job opportunities: Find out more about getting construction careers and explore our construction careers advice . Check out the latest construction manager vacancies at Construction manager jobs