Year Out M&E Co-ordinator

  • UCA Consulting
  • Stockton-on-Tees, Cleveland
  • May 19, 2020
Full time Construction

Job Description

Responsibilities & Duties:

Assist and support the M&E coordinator and manager in their day to duties which include the following:

- Support and assist the M&E coordinator and Senior MEP Manager on all site & off- site based work.

- Assist with the day to day delivery of design and build.

- Assist the design teams in the development of design solutions.

- Assisting the manager of Mechanical and electrical site personnel.

- Help with implementing the site safety plan & rules.

- Helping to ensure that employees have the relevant training and expertise to carry out their work safely and professionally.

- Assisting with management of resources on site to ensure efficient working.

- Assist with checking all materials before installed to ensure they are fit for use & comply with the project specifications.

- Assisting with the Soft-Landing process.

- Monitor progress against planned program.

- Assist and help with providing the sites with technical assistance for evaluating the M&E services content/progress and general troubleshooting as required.

- Provide technical assistance in programming testing/setting to work/regulation and commissioning of the services including provision of Operating and Maintenance manuals.

- Assist with ensuring that all regulatory requirements and standard Interserve procedures relating to M&E services execution and control are enacted.

- Establish and maintain relationships with the client and their representatives.

- Assist the M&E co-ordinator manager in monitoring Technical control procedures are required to be operated by various members of the site, these are adhered to.

- Assist with design drawings and proposals from the M & E designers as the design progresses.

- Support the M&E coordinator to ensure all interfaces mechanically and electrically have been catered for and for any required client interfaces and Statutory Authority interfaces.

- Support and help with all M & E Contractors proposals to comply with the employer’s requirements, D & B proposals and good working practices.

- Assist with ensuring a procurement programme is drawn up by the sub-contractor identifying main plant items and ordering plus lead in times identified to allow the contracts manager to monitor progress.

- Assist the site manager with M & E programming and planning and agree with the sub-contractor and contracts manager labour resources to achieve the programme.

- Attend, as appropriate and directed by the Contracts manager, sub-contractor co-ordination meetings and input as necessary.

- Visit works to check on off-site fabrication as required.

- Help monitor and take action as necessary to achieve quality and the quality plan requirement for quality records in M & E Services.

- Assist the site team to monitor and take action as necessary to achieve the required progress and programme.

- Assist with vetting M & E sub-contractors reports in time for contract progress meetings.

- Attend and assist contract progress meetings as agreed with the contracts manager.

- Help and support in ensuring that all relevant contract and standard procedures are followed.

- Support the M&E coordinator in obtaining from sub-contractor or draws up/agree and implements a setting to work, regulation, commissioning and handover programme and agree commissioning procedures.

- Assist and attend site to witness sample testing and commissioning procedures for correctness and quality and advise on reporting and presentation requirements.

Candidate Role Requirements (what skills / experience / knowledge / technical ability or existing quals do they need):

- Currently studying towards a Mechanical & Engineering degree

- Team player

- Good communication skills

- Good IT Skills