Commercial manager job description, duties and skills

A commercial manager is a key role in providing commercial guidance and support to any organization. They are the real change makers in business and also strive to provide success. The tasks covered by a commercial manager are significant with major business decisions.

A commercial manager job role might vary depending on the workplace, but typical tasks include project planning, contract negotiation, and risk management. Also, having a good head for figures is more essential.

The role requires ability to communicate with contract managers across the business along with specialist skills. So, the salary can be generous and the career opportunities are excellent in the future.

What does a commercial manager do?

A commercial manager deals with a lot of responsibility. Hence, he/she can feel hugely rewarding and fulfilling. So, what does Commercial Manager Jobs include? The role is likely to focus on developing relationships with clients and create plans for business growth.

However, the role of a commercial manager adds roles such as developing pricing structures, overseeing and directing contractors, and monitoring regulations. These are majorly differentiated in terms of short and long term goals.

The senior commercial Managers provide input into key business decisions, such as building strong relations with clients to create new contracts and ensure the team members are set towards achieving the goals. Besides, there are many career opportunities for entry-level commercial managers.

Commercial manager responsibilities and duties

In general, the duties of a commercial manager include:

  • Analyze sales, marketing, finance and other reports to gain insights into how to improve performance and maximize growth
  • Identify opportunities to expand the business through partnerships, mergers and new markets
  • Examines company rules to make sure they stay relevant and makes recommendations for necessary changes
  • Maintain sustainable and productive relationships with existing clients
  • Assists commercial directors and works as a member of a cohesive team
  • Develop accurate and consistent bids with the help of relevant departments
  • Resolves issues with contracts and commercial operations, especially when dealing with Construction Jobs and people associated with it, as they are much more sensitive to handle.
  • Assess risks involved with new initiatives, ensure deadlines are met and be ready to handle unexpected situations
  • Manage daily operations, including employee training and development, contract negotiations and production planning.

Commercial manager skills include:

  • Strong communication, sales and presentation skills
  • Superb negotiation capabilities
  • Ability to multitask and prioritize projects
  • Must be team oriented and results focused
  • MBA preferred but not necessary with relevant experience.

Different Commercial Manager Designations include:

  • Regional Commercial Manager
  • Senior Commercial Manager
  • Commercial Director
  • Business Development Manager
  • Commercial Contracts Manager (CCCM certification required).